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Our Links Page will always be a work in progress. 

    Here is a list of our favorite links to health care for your pets. We hope this list helps you learn about important issues. See these items below on this page:

Normal and Problem Behavior in the Cat; Heartworm Society, Dog and Cat Anatomy, Indiana Toxic Plants, Selecting a Pet, Flavorx Medication Flavoring System, Veterinary Partner, American Veterinary Medical Association, Pet Insurance,  Pet Loss and Grief, Mesker Park Zoo and Botanic Garden, and My final link for you.

    If you have suggestions about other sites to include, send an email to


A significant number of cats are turned in to Animal Control Shelters and Humane Societies as a result of behaviors that are contradictory to owner's wishes. This site looks into those behaviors and offers suggestions to correct them.  

Even though heartworm disease has been around for a number of years, pets continue to die of it. The most up to date information on the disease is found at this site.

This link provides some basic information on the anatomy of you dog or cat. When I speak to clients about various diseases, anatomy always plays a major part in the conversation.

Worldwide, there are more than 200 breeds of dogs. This site provides illustrations as well as helpful information on those breeds.

Indiana Toxic Plants
House and garden plants improve our living spaces. However, some of those plants are dangerous to our pets. This site allows for pet safe selections of these plants. 

Selecting a Pet

The selection of a pet involves a life time commitment. That process is more than just picking one "because he's so cute."  Cost, space requirements, ultimate size of the pet, and the amount of time that you have for a pet are factors. This site sheds light on this important decision.

Anyone who has attempted to medicate an obstinant animal will appreciate flavors such as GROOVY GRAPE, CHEESIE CHEDDAR, CRISPY BACON, CHICKEN POT-PIE, SCRUMPTIOUS PEANUT BUTTER, and many more. These can be added to medications to make the experience more pleasant for owner and pet. AMS is the only clinic in Southern Indiana to offer Flavorx, as shown in the Flavorx web site. Check it out!!


Veterinary Partner

The Veterinary Information Network provides this site for your questions and information on a variety of issues. 

American Veterinary Medical Association

The national organization for veterinarians offers information on a variety of subjects and is a natural starting point for your search.

Pet Insurance

Inquiries about Pet Health Insurance can be addressed via one of the following two sites.

Veterinary Pet Insurance

Pet Care Pet Insurance


Pet Loss and Grief

The loss of a pet is often a very emotional time for pet owners. This site provides assistance numbers to call for assistance in dealing with that loss.

The unknown author of the Rainbow Bridge has given many pet owners help during this difficult time. .

Mesker Park Zoo and Botanic Garden
Dr. Butler has been the veterinarian at Mesker Park Zoo and Botanic Garden since 1982. This has been, for the most part, a labor of love for him. Here we provide a link to one of our favorite places in Evansville. Click on the site below.

Our mission statement refers to providing a Christian environment for our clients and our staff. I cannot stress the importance of this to you enough. We feel motivated by the highest authority to reflect kindness, and love for our patients and their owners. In this spirit, I offer the web site of my church, American Baptist East, to you. Please consider visiting us, we would love to have you!    

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